Wednesday, September 4, 2013


                                                               Psychology of Color in Your Classroom

5.  Be mindful of the psychology of color!  Certain colors evoke different moods, thoughts, and perceptions.  Although I love to dress in black, it is depressing color to see on the wall all day in a kid friendly environment.  Think about other colors that can achieve what you want without it being too dark. Use colors that evoke happiness and calm.  I like to use pastel shades of my favorite colors.  (After all, I see the classroom more than my home sometimes.  I am also there year after year, so why not make it what you love.)   I also am mindful that the decor does not look anything like my home, so that I don't feel like I am in the same place.  I've used shades of pink, lime green, lilac, salmon orange, yellow, and light blue.  When you pick a color scheme that has several colors to choose from, it makes it easy when you see something in the store that fits one of the colors.  Check this site out to learn more about color.

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