Thursday, December 12, 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013


This unit is packed with the following:

1.  Multiple activities per country with lots of printable pages

2.  12 full size readers 1 for each country (England, France, Italy, USA, Germany, Mexico, Australia,     China, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia)

3.  Color Continent Map, Flag & Country Page

4.  Blackline of each country's flag (8.5 x 11 sized paper)

5.  Customs & Traditions Page with activity & food ideas

6.  Colored boy and girl people from each country

7.  Black and white, boy and girl puppet people from each country

8.  Suitcase cover and back

9.  Airline Ticket

10.  Passport cover and pages

11.  Country Stamps

12.  Ideas on how to incorporate the unit into your classroom

I have plans to expand by adding a Mega Unit 2 in the future.  It will include other countries that are not in this unit!  Leave a comment if you would like to weigh in on what countries you would like to see added.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


As an early Christmas present, I am giving away this Holidays Around the World:  Traditions of America mini reader to all those who click on the link below and download it!

While you are downloading, check out my HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD MEGA UNIT 1!  It has all 12 of of my Holidays Around the World Mini Readers.  (France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Australia, China, America, Mexico, Russia, England)

It would be $12 just for all the readers alone, so for $3 more you can have an entire unit!  There are over 230 pages of printables, activities, maps, passport, suitcase, ideas, flags, customs/traditions, food and more !  Your students will LOVE it!   You can pick and choose which countries you teach and how long you want to spend teaching each country.  There are so many activities you can teach this unit for over a month or for as short of a time as you would like.  I have plans to increase the countries covered and make a Mega Unit 2, which will not duplicate what is in this unit!  Check it out and tell your friends!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, September 30, 2013

FREE Week of October Homework's been a while!  I have been kind of busy!  So, to make up for is a free week of homework for October!  Each month I will be posting a month of over 40 ELA and Math Common Core activities for homework.  Each activity has "I can" statements and Common Core standards listed.  I am also working to cover most of the Kindergarten Common Core Standards throughout the year within the homework.  Enjoy!

Free Week of October Homework

Free Week of October Homework


Friday, September 6, 2013


                                                        USING WRAPPING PAPER FOR WINDOW TREATMENTS
6.  Use wrapping paper for window treatments!  I love for my classroom to look like a home, and since I cannot put fabric on the windows, I use wrapping paper!  Simply cut the shape you want from a roll of your favorite wrapping paper and hang it with staples.  It looks super cute and just like a valance...only with paper!  LOVE!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


                                                               Psychology of Color in Your Classroom

5.  Be mindful of the psychology of color!  Certain colors evoke different moods, thoughts, and perceptions.  Although I love to dress in black, it is depressing color to see on the wall all day in a kid friendly environment.  Think about other colors that can achieve what you want without it being too dark. Use colors that evoke happiness and calm.  I like to use pastel shades of my favorite colors.  (After all, I see the classroom more than my home sometimes.  I am also there year after year, so why not make it what you love.)   I also am mindful that the decor does not look anything like my home, so that I don't feel like I am in the same place.  I've used shades of pink, lime green, lilac, salmon orange, yellow, and light blue.  When you pick a color scheme that has several colors to choose from, it makes it easy when you see something in the store that fits one of the colors.  Check this site out to learn more about color.

Saturday, August 31, 2013


                                                       CLASSROOM DECORATING TIP #4

4.  I like to color block sections of my classroom.  For example, if I have a reading area, I make sure the little rug, chairs, bookshelf, decor and wall pictures have a dominating color theme and I have the other colors within the classroom as complimentary colors within that station or area.  It helps to visually contain a space with out using extra furniture...just COLOR!

Friday, August 30, 2013


This is the last Friday before September begins!  It's also Labor Day Weekend and I don't think you want to spend your time planning homework for your you?  So....I have a full free week of homework available to you...just click on the image to download from my TPT store.  The homework is written with "I can..." statements of the Common Core Standards, so that parents and students will be able to understand what standards they are working on at home. There are ELA and Math activities, along with a reading log.  Enjoy your weekend!

PS.  Look for the full month of September homework available too! I'm having a Labor Day Weekend sale!


               Using FABRIC to decorate your classroom!
3.  I LOVE FABRIC!  You have to be careful if you school doesn't allow you to put fabric in your room or it has to flame retardant.  But, there are ways around it!  Spray with the special flame retardant spray if necessary.  I put fabric on everything!  I put fabric all around every table in my classroom (not student's tables) for beauty and extra storage!  What teacher doesn't need extra storage?  Right?  I stack bins and all those odds and ends I can't figure out how to store under those tables.  Easy access too!  The same rules apply to fabric as to the gift wrapped bulletin boards!  Watch your scale and pattern choices and make sure that the colors compliment.  Also make sure your bulletin board paper and your fabric compliment each other!  But, HAVE FUN with it!

Thursday, August 29, 2013


         Using Wrapping Paper as Bulletin Board Paper!  
2.  Use beautiful printed or solid gift wrapping paper to cover your bulletin boards!  Love that the possibilities are endless!  Your classroom will look amazing.  Don't go too crazy with multiple patterns and colors.  Stick to a few colors and then make the patterns complimentary.  (Large scale, medium scale, & a small scale patterns will work together because they are different in size.)  It's good to go with a floral, a stripe/plaid, and a dot or a small print.  Too many colors will make the room too crazy, so choose a pattern you love and then pull the complimentary colors from that pattern!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Here is Day 1 of my Classroom Decorating & Organizing Tips:

1.  If you need a large rug for your students to sit on, just buy two 5'x7' carpets and tape them together in the middle using colorful duct tape.  In this case, I bought two rugs that have colorful squares (one for each student) and it made one 5'x14' carpet.  It's much cheaper and you can get a design to match your classroom!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A cheer for the Kindergarten Teachers!

                                                                     Just because!

Monday, August 26, 2013

5 Senses Posters and Mini Reader Pack

Check out my new 5 Senses Poster Pack and Mini Reader Set.  Each poster has a pictorial representation of one of the 5 senses and a factual description of the sense.  The mini reader also describes each of the 5 senses and can put together to make a small book for each of your students.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Johnny Appleseed Is Coming!

It's soon going to be September and it's time to think about what you new resource you are going to use to compliment your Johnny Appleseed or Folk Tale unit of study!  Well, here is a new reader telling facts about Johnny Appleseeds life in simple kid friendly terms.  You will get two 8.5x11 sheets that will be cut up into 8 mini pages to make a mini book.  Illustrations and words match and the mini pages are numbered for students to practice ordering numbers and putting together a book.  Students can even highlight the sight words you are teaching within this mini book.  Visit my store to purchase it for your classroom today.  Only $1!

Friday, August 23, 2013


  Welcome to my blog!  Here is a freebie for the month of September and a sneak peek at what is coming for October's Homework Pack as well.  I am just starting out and would really appreciate it if you followed me both here on my blog and on my TPT store.  I am going to be giving FREEBIES away often so, you will want to have the first information when things are posted!  

The homework packs are filled with weekly homework for an entire month.  There is a reading log, a calendar tracker, weekly and monthly cover sheets, and 40 ELA and Math Common Core Activities  for your students.  Each activity has the common core standard listed as an "I can..." statement right next to the activity.  It's so easy for you, your students and their parents to be reminded of what standards they are learning.  Happy Friday!  Don't forget to follow me!  

SNEAK PEEK SATURDAY!  Here s a sneak peek of what is coming for OCTOBER!