Friday, November 22, 2013


This unit is packed with the following:

1.  Multiple activities per country with lots of printable pages

2.  12 full size readers 1 for each country (England, France, Italy, USA, Germany, Mexico, Australia,     China, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia)

3.  Color Continent Map, Flag & Country Page

4.  Blackline of each country's flag (8.5 x 11 sized paper)

5.  Customs & Traditions Page with activity & food ideas

6.  Colored boy and girl people from each country

7.  Black and white, boy and girl puppet people from each country

8.  Suitcase cover and back

9.  Airline Ticket

10.  Passport cover and pages

11.  Country Stamps

12.  Ideas on how to incorporate the unit into your classroom

I have plans to expand by adding a Mega Unit 2 in the future.  It will include other countries that are not in this unit!  Leave a comment if you would like to weigh in on what countries you would like to see added.

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